Building a ReleaseΒΆ

When the project is ready for a new release, follow these steps to build a new release tar.gz file and sign a new release tag in git. This requires that you have a zanata account, and have permission to push the new .pot file to the branch you are building. See the translations.txt file for more details.

  • git clean -d -x -f
  • ./ && ./configure
  • make bumpver
  • VERSION=$(grep ^AC_INIT | awk '{print $2}' | tr -d '[],')
  • git commit -am "New version - $VERSION"
  • make release

Check that the commit looks correct and push the new release with:

  • git push && git push --tags

The anaconda-$VERSION.tar.gz file and anaconda.spec can now be used to by fedpkg to create a new anaconda rpm.